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on 13 Nov
37a58ed Conflicto con el archivo
b34a147 Commit inicial del proyecto
ajvarela created ajvarela/icapataz on 7 Nov
on 11 Jul
249b310 finalizada la creación del script de spark para el mapeo de parametros y procesamiento de datasets
on 6 Jul
3ddcb47 creado script Execute para procesar datasets con información de lecturas por cliente
on 4 Jul
8a2990f pon add
on 3 Jul
fa06912 Merge branch 'feature/formato-dataset-cbd' into develop
1eab546 creado script de formato para el dataset de CBD
on 30 Jun
af1a773 Merge branch 'feature/periofo-facturacion-customizado' into develop
on 26 Jun
01db3af Merge branch 'feature/optimizador-detallado' into develop
on 26 Jun
5bc67e5 Reestructuración finalizada
alvvalpar created branch develop at ajvarela/cbd-spark on 23 Jun
alvvalpar created branch master at ajvarela/cbd-spark on 23 Jun
ajvarela created ajvarela/cbd-spark on 23 Jun
on 20 Jun
18d989f Removing all files in .gitignore
97e17a8 File .gitignore changed to exclude .metadata
d7d1e10 Bug of gramatical error on the label to carry out the choreography.
on 20 Jun
511283a Removed .metadata directory since it is related with eclipse workspace
lparody created branch luisa-ulm at jozemi/ChoreographyData on 20 Jun
on 20 Mar 2016
jozemi merged pull request jozemi/ChoreographyData#1
BPM transformaton
on 20 Mar 2016
jozemi opened pull request jozemi/ChoreographyData#1
BPM transformaton
on 20 Mar 2016
adadc9f fix a bug
a850654 changed logo to idea
b1c6d2d working
on 15 Mar 2016
8de5121 fix a bug into user store flow
2287c3d generating tasks, gateways and events
21582a8 step 1 and 2 implemented
on 10 Mar 2016
48a420d fix a bug and getting needed elements for algoritms in class
on 8 Mar 2016
2f3b604 create an test sample
38cb1f2 exported packages
jozemi created branch transformation at jozemi/ChoreographyData on 8 Mar 2016
on 8 Mar 2016
8e9a1e4 changed the layout
7b61a15 add capacity to store the new elements in bpmn xml
on 7 Mar 2016
013502c add new elemetns but no modified layout
0f9dcb5 updated model with user story elements
on 2 Mar 2016
1d20af3 updated readme
jozemi created branch master at jozemi/ChoreographyData on 2 Mar 2016
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